Monday, June 2, 2014

Adventures ch 4

a/n Its a short chapter, Working on more things to happen.

Chak'La walked through the city of Vamra, One of the nicest city's you'll find on Marma, on his way to the observatory, to once again view Aquino, Chak'La is an red-orange bug- like creature native to what we would call Mars, He has a fascination with Aquino, or Earth.
He rounded the corner to see a ship. Not just any ship, it belonged to his friend George. Who last month had tried to sell him that very ship. And it was going for a vary good price! It just had a out-dated engine, navigation and weapon systems, barley fit for a travel from Marma to Aquino. So it wasn't surprising that George would be back so soon.
It touched down just outside town, on the side across the landing port, and then the door/plank came down with a puff of smoke. And out stepped two figures, defiantly lumen since they only had two arms each, unlike the 'Var-Likem's four. One of them stepped forwards and out stretched a hand.
“Hi, were new here. Do you speak English?” he asked, now Chak'La is nowhere near fluent enough in English to under stand most of what the human said so he said,
“A-chi chi 'ittle-chi?” at this the man said.
“My name is Cole, Whats yours?”
“Chak'La! I'n-cha a 'eind-cha of George-chi-cha!”
“Well I don't know him that well, but I just stopped to ask for directions. that and the engines seem to be messing up. Do you know where a mechanic is?” Chak'La shook-ed his head, a juster of 'yes' for humans and said,
wess-cha, ocher-cha sid-la of twonn-chi.”
uh.. Thanks!” with that both humans went back into the ship and toke of. Since that was over Chak'La went on his way to look at Aquino.

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