Monday, October 27, 2014

i am a tree for halween

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Mapper's Quest Day 6

For breakfast we had toast and eggs. A few miles on the road and Alas leads us to a cave called the Cen Hollows. The cave is actually a lava tube. We went about 200 yards into it before it got to low to continue, it appears to open up to another big cavern on the other side of the over hang that blocked our path, to bad.
        When we exited the cave we got contacted by the ship, evidently The Sora has started another war and we must go fight and leave this place. I expect to be back in a year or two.
        On request Alas took us to The Northern Emptyness, a desert that has nothing but sage brush, it appears even the natives have it.
        The shuttle has been spotted so I will be ending this for the time being.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

top culdesac kids

Dee Dee


In the belly of the whale Rapunzel and Flint were having an adventure. They found birds with bologna (they were flying around).

The Mapper's Quest Day 5

   Today We had some Peefluds for breakfast today. Alas took us to The Eagle Falls, a truly beautiful site to say the least. Using Sanford's third law I came up with a rough estimate of 100,000,000 gallons fall every day.
     Up north we found the village of Lundar, witch is based on top of the crash site of SOL-10, Earths 1st attempt at exploring this planet. The people told us stories of Uncle Bud and a few other survivors. While we listen to the stories we traded for meat and spices.
     Then Alas took us to Big Valley witch fits because there's nothing in it. We stopped at healers lake for the night.
     We saw the Citron Monkey today and have started setting up traps for it and other creatures that happen on them. I heard Nym tell Steve that it likes to throw stuff like rocks, twigs and anything else it can git it hands on witch brings up a question on how intelligent it is.
     Some of the expedition went swimming in the lake and brought back reports of small fish that Imra called mash.
     We have visitors in camp tonight, some Tree rats are running all over the place but the main thing I'm interested in is a bird. Its about the size of a blue bird, its black with a blue 'crown', wings and tale, Nym said its called King Bird and is considered sacred.

     Imra is cooking some Shell meat for dinner.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Mapper's Quest day 4

We started the day with some pan bread cooked in little cup like pockets.
We hit the road early and traveled quit a lot. passing the Eio, luckily we arrived on Market day witch was manly farmer showing off their live stalk. Some of witch stood out like the Devon, a creature like a cow that can only come in black and the milk is blue, The Tamworth another breed similar to those on earth, particularly the pig, this creature is a brown-red creature use manly for its meat. And then there's the Boreray, a wooly animal much like the sheep except its wool is a reddish-pink.
Later the natives made some sandwiches made from the meat of the Devon called Flurry.
Then we spent a good 3-5 hours talking to the villagers and trading, and the talk keeps going back to the Citron Monkey witch has been seen in the area lately. Some described it as having brown fur others black.
We have settled down for the night a bit away from the village. Nym says we are now in Rabe area, Rabes are kinda like bares but have a greater liking for humans and have a worse temperament.
We are camping by the Cizets River and Alas says there's a water fall down stream that the natives like to jump off of.
Imra is cooking some sausages for dinner. Lensa said to watch out for three-leafed-poison, a plant so potent with poison that most brake out with hives by just touching it, and the time it takes to kill after consumption is less then 24 hours.
Got contacted by the ship and sent them our current information of what we have seen so far, The Sora have been restless so we might have to break the expedition short.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Once upon a time there was a little girl named Jill. She had no siblings. The only relative she had was her mother. One day she woke up and said, "Where am I?"