Monday, July 21, 2014

Adventures chp 5

Back in the ship, the cab look like a small-sized cross between star trek and star wars with two seats, three control panels and no labels, (should be period) just a book the size of a dictionary,(should be period)  Cole sat down into the 'captain' seat, and Cadon sat to his right, both looking at the wide display-screen as they to off again and head north-ish, (should be period)the marshin wasn't vary much helpneed commabut pointed them in the general direction of a mechanic.
      "How do you understand him? I couldn't make out a word he said."
      "He only had a slite southern ascent, and spoke pretty good English. How couldnt you understand him?"
      "after every word he said 'Cha',(should be period) pretty confusing to me."
      "That's because you crazy and that looks like a run way to me,(should be period) Prepare to land."
The ship tuched down and tripped an alarm,(should be period) Sirens and lights evrywhere Need a comma as well as a voice over loudspeakers either a comma or a hyphen or some equevalint. (capital)to cadon it sounded like:
      "Chi Cha Che Chi Chu Choi-la!"
To Cole it sounded like:
      "Unidentified craft turn off the engains and come out peacefully with you arms up! or be destroyed!"

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