Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Mapper's Quest Day 6

For breakfast we had toast and eggs. A few miles on the road and Alas leads us to a cave called the Cen Hollows. The cave is actually a lava tube. We went about 200 yards into it before it got to low to continue, it appears to open up to another big cavern on the other side of the over hang that blocked our path, to bad.
        When we exited the cave we got contacted by the ship, evidently The Sora has started another war and we must go fight and leave this place. I expect to be back in a year or two.
        On request Alas took us to The Northern Emptyness, a desert that has nothing but sage brush, it appears even the natives have it.
        The shuttle has been spotted so I will be ending this for the time being.

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