Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Farm Cats

When the cats away the mice will play.

Barn cats (type not breed)
Other names-feral, mix, stray, working cat.
Use- mouse control.
Best known for- mouse control, reproducing quickly.
Physical description-almost any cat will hunt, but try to pick ones with large ears and long tails; for good hearing and balance.
Color-any cat color.
Weight-most cats are around 7-12 pounds.
Temperament-mostly depends on how much they where handled as kittens; ranges from very sweet and clingy to wild and flighty.
History-there is no record of when domestic cats where first brought to the Americas. Sailors and settlers used cats to keep mice and rats from eating the ships supplies; so they where probably here very early.
Climate- different cats are suited to different climates. 
Health/care- check with locals to see what diseases are common in your area. In the past at least it was considered a good idea not to feed the cats to keep them hunting. There are very few cats who will not hunt no matter how well fed they are. Feeding your cats will not only keep them around but give enough substance for them to fight of disease.
Reproduction- one queen can have 12-18 kittens a year, the kittens may be able to reproduce as early as 4-5 months. Neutered and spayed animals will cause less problems.

Availability-extremely common and easy to find.

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