Thursday, February 27, 2014


Last week we bought five new animals for our household; two Japanese fighting fish, a gecko, and two finches.

I like the birds the best, because they actually do things, like yell at us, sing, and sometimes they stare at you, like they are trying the best way to overthrow the humans.

The fish don’t really move a lot, just float around a bit, I was hoping they’d jump out at people, but they haven’t done anything like that, and the lizard just hides all day, that’s kind of boring.
These animals are in addition to several rabbits, a dozen chickens, and a cat, and dog. For our next animal, I want something like an ostrich, or a bison, but we probably don’t have tall enough fences for either. So I guess we’ll do something boring like a cow.

Then again, we might get lucky and find a camel on craigslist.


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