Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Adventurs Chapter 3

The strange man was wearing a Stetson and trench coat.
“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!” yelled Cadon
“I'm just here on business.” replied the stranger
who are you?” Cole asked
Cadon “Ya rite! I doubt that's your real name.”
George “Its the closest thing to my name in your languish...”
Cole: “Why are you here?”
George “To sell.”
Cole “To sell what?”
“What type?”
“Witch is..?”
“Space faring vessels.”
Cadon “Cole!”
“Do you know what happens every time 'he' shows up?!?!?! People go missing!!!”
“I know where every one of them is.” George put in
“Well if he does sell space ships it would explain the disappearance.”
If? IF? That's the problem 'if'”
George “I can Show you one if you want proof.”
“Okay where?”
“In your back yard.”
Cole “Ill go check.” and then Cole went to the back door and said “AWESOME!!! How much?”
“What?” Cole said as he came back into the living room “Oh... and what happened to my YouTube channel?”
“There is a possible murderer in my living room who parked a space ship in my backyard and your worrying about your YOUTUBE CHANNEL???!!??!?!”
yeah... why wouldn't I?”
your absolutely NUTS!!”
“Thank you.”
“That wasn't a complement.”
George “$200,000.50
Cole “What? Oh yeah... Deal!”
“COLE! Your buying a spaceship of the black market!”
Hay! Its Perfectly leagle! I have the license right here.” and he pulled out a piece of paper with some strange writing on it “See perfectly leagle!”
Cadon “Nether of us can under stand a word on that! How do we know it doesnt say 'cupcake tastes like cheese!'!!”
George “Because that would be stupid.”
Cole “Okay I'm back.”
Cadon “You left?”
“Not vary observant. Anyways here is the money!”
and in a few minutes Cole had bought the ship, even wile Cadon was telling him not to. After the transaction George left and Cole (With The Sword tide to his side) climbed into his new ship.
Cole “So... Where to now?”

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