Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fred's Star Wars the Clone wars reviews: R2 lost arc

During the battle of Bothawui, R2-D2, who contains the Republic's military plans, is lost in space.  both the Republic and CIS attempt to hunt him down, while Ashoka and Anakin have to deal with his replacement.

Downfall of A droid

PROS: The Republic uses tanks to attack Separatist capital ships. That was really awesome.

CONS: R3-S6 could only be a more obvious traitor if you literately wrote traitor him.(?) also, Ashoka is (big surprise) annoying.


Duel of the droids

PROS: For anyone who was annoyed by season 1 Ashoka, it is very satisfying to see her lose against Grievous. Also, the action gets some upgrades from last episode.

CONS: R3-S6 was a bad guy? really? I never would have guessed.


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