Monday, April 28, 2014

Fred's Star Wars The Clone Wars Reviews: Nute Gunray ARC

When a botched attempt on Padme's life lands Viceroy Gunray in Republic Prison. What follows is three episodes focusing on various people attempting to rescue/imprison him.

Bombad Jedi

PROS: Some surprisingly good action and humor.
CONS: Padme AND Jar Jar. Enough said.

Cloak Of Darkness

PROS: Guest Jedi  Luminara Unduli is a very entertaining character. All the action is top notch this time round.
CONS: Ashoka returns to...act like a 14 year old. I understand it, but its still annoying.

Lair Of Grievous

PROS: EVERYTHING. Kit Fisto, the action, the drama, the atmosphere, Kit Fisto, this is one of the BEST Clone Wars episodes.
CONS: Grievous is FINALLY allowed to kill a Jedi, and its with a BLASTER.

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