Monday, February 24, 2014

fred's top 12 star trek movies

why do i keep doing top 12's? because there are 12 star trek films and it would be pointless to just leave the other 2 off. so here we go with the top 12 star trek films.

12. insurrection

you know you've made a mistake when the best part of the movie is how cool the ship looks. this down right insulting anti-technological film has the enterprise protecting a bunch of hypercritical groupies from a bunch of much more heroic "villains" who want to use there planet to save billions of lives.

11. the motionless picture the enterprise has to go stop a giant creature from destroying earth. and thats it. the rest of the film is just special effects shot after special effects shot. for about 2 and a half hours. plus, the uniforms look like starfleet forgot what color is.

10. the search for spock

am i the only star trek fan who didn't care all that much about seeing the old enterprise go? thats probably only because i had seen the later shows and movies before this one, so i knew the starship enterprise would continue on. thats about the only thing noticeable about this film. oh yeah, savik is played by a different actor in this film. if you want to know what they do, just read the title.

9. the final frontier

this film is full of plot holes and has THE most disappointing portrayal of a deity EVER. regardless, when its not trying to be serious, its an ok action flick. the plot basically revolves around spock suddenly having a brother who tries to find god, and the fact that william shatner is an ego manic.

8. the undiscovered country

to be honest, i haven't seen this film in a LONG time, but from what i have seen, it looks like a preety decent star trek outing. it gains points for having sulu command a ship, but it loses some for ending the original star treks crews adventures with a quote from peter pan. this film revolves around the klingons trying to make peace with the federation. guess how well that goes.

7. generations

most people probably don't like this film because it fells like a fanfic turned into a movie. i, however, like fanfiction, which is why i put it so high. the movie stars picard and kirk working together to defeat a mad scientist who is trying to get back to a paradise. oh, and data with emotions is REALLY annoying.

6. the wrath of khan

generally considered the greatest star trek film of all time, ill probably get yelled at for not putting it in the top 5. when khan escapes his imprisonment, he goes on a revenge inspired rampage against kirk and crew. i never really got it, as kirk doesn't have any reason to hate khan that much until AFTER the film ends, when he indirectly leads to spocks demise, so the revenge thing always seemed one sided to me.

5. nemesis

wow, am i officially a star trek heretic because i put this film ahead of wrath of khan? regardless, this film about picards secret clone taking over the romulans (its complicated) is a pretty decent sci fi movie filled with an epic space battle, a slightly less epic jeep chase, and a lot less epic death for data.

4. first contact

the borg try to change history, an alcoholic invents warp travel, and picard randomly becomes an action star. plus this is the first appearance of the enterprise E, one of my personal favorite starships. an epic tale of adventure, excitement and...what on earth did they do to the borg? why do they suddenly have a queen?!?

3. the voyage home

i see no problem with just plan fun movies once in a while and here is a perfect example of one. what can the classic crew do without their good ship enterprise? why go back in time to kidnap whales from 1980's america of course! wait, what?

2. into darkness

yes, khan isnt a asian like he is supposed to be. however, he was original played by a latino anyways, so big deal. khan returns in the alternate universe to wreak havoc (although hes kind of a hero now), there is a corrupt starfleet admiral (big surprise), and kirk is brought back to life by a tribble (kinda). plus, the u.s.s vengeance is a REALLY cool ship.

1. 2009

a romulan named nero (gedit?) goes back in time and really screws up history. spock and uhara are dating, kirk is kinda a jerk, scooty kills dogs by beaming them, and sulu thinks "fencing" means being a martial artist commando. its up to old spock to set things right! only he doesn't, he just lets the time line go on like this. oh well.

thats it. hope you enjoyed and see you again soon!- Fred


  1. Why is there randomly Darth Vader in the brig? Doesn't make sense.

  2. Interesting order, Fred. I have a different opinion of course, but if we were all aloke some of us wouldn't be necessary, lol.

    My favorite is Voyage Home, then probably Search for Spock. I recognize Wrath of Khan as a very good film, but I don't like to kill stars off.

    I am still annoyed at 2009. Really? Old Spock, who figured time travel in a Klingon Bird of Pray IN HIS HEAD can't come up with a way to go back in time and save his home world, including his own mother?! Seriously?! (Other than that it was a good movie:-)

    I like Final Frontier better than Undiscovered country just for the line "Excuse me, what does God need with a starship?" Otherwise, meh.

    Yeah, why IS Darth Vader in the brig? -Mom