Monday, February 10, 2014

Welcom to Pine Valley

Mary Longstone walked up Park Way Ave rather fast. She was heading to the Pine Valley’s library. This was her first day working there and she didn’t want to be late. As Mary rounded the corner she heard sirens behind her. A cop car sped by. Then a pickup with a camper shell on it. Mary wondered if anything bad had happened.
This town is so small, I will probably find out before the day is up.” Mary thought to her self.

Mary had just moved to Pine Valley from California's college in San-Francisco. Pine Valley was where Mary's aunt had lived all her life. That's why she had moved to such a small town. Small towns weren't Mary's preference.
A flash of light blinded Mary. She rubbed her eyes, looked to see what had blinded her. In front of her was a girl a little older then she was. She was holding a big camera.
Hi. My name is Alice. I’m a news reporter.” the girl said rather fast and holding out her hand. Mary shook Alice’s hand.

“Mine's Mary Longstone.” she said rather shyly. Another flash of light blinded her again.
“Sorry. I haven’t found out how to turn off the flash yet.” Alice said.
“Just don't take any more pictures until you do, OK?” Mary said as she stared down the street again.

"Sure. I will just ask questions, if it's OK with you." said Alice, following Marry down the street.

"Um... OK" Mary said.

"OK to start with, where did you live before you moved here, why did you move here, and how long are you going to stay?" Alice asked.

"Let's see, I used to live in San Francisco California. Ummm... my Aunt Rose used to live here in Pine Valley. Before she died, she would send letters to me telling me all sorts of things about here. So when I got out of college, I decided to come here and get to know myself again. And for your last question, I don't know how long I'll stay." thy went on to the library, Mary didn't know what
wold happen. but she know that God wold by there for her alleyways.

      THE END

( I was messing around with different ways to right:)


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  1. Can't wait to find out what happens:-) -Mom