Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The new movie from marvel comics, apparently all the money Disney made from the "Avengers", has inspired them to make a movie from every single marvel comic book. It's not that I'm complaining, but ive never hered of THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, I at least new of "Captain America'" and the "Incredible hulk" before the movie came out.

The movie is basically a space fairing super hero team, think of the avengers set in "star war." The first trailer was released recently, showing the heroes of the film being arrested. O.k think A-team set in star wars.
There is  Drax the destroyer, looks like your typical muscle guy with a bad sun tan, Gamora, a female assassin, who apparently wasn't hugged enough as a kid, she is in for murder. a man who calls himself Star Lord, why? i have no idea. and  Rocket..........a raccoon, yes the movie stars a humanoid raccoon. And finally a tree named Groot, i kid you not, following up The Avengers, is a movie with a raccoon, and a tree.
sounds legit to me.

The movie is set to release august next year,
you can see the trailer either on you-tube, or If your a fan of the avengers, chances are you'll like this flick too.
I hope. -Jimmy

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  1. A tree and a racoon?!? You're kidding, right?

    Look forward to seeing it:-) -Mom