Monday, February 24, 2014

Top 10 PC Games:

         I'm only making this because I don't have anything else to do (besides maybe math) so here I go. Enjoy!

10: Plants vs Zombies

 a tower defence game, where in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, Boom Seed Co. makes a wide variety of plants to fight the horrid beasts. Definitely deserves 10th place.

9: Civ5

Take charge of a nation and play through time! A great game for strategy and some history! It is a great game! But last i checked it cost $50.

8: Clone Wars Adventures

It's surprisingly hard to find a good picture for this. but here's an adequate one. Its a great game great for meeting people and fighting rancores! If you want to play, act quickly, it is ending and everyone has a free Jedi account!

7: Civ4

Think civ5 only better!!! Not as realistic with its walking stacks of doom. But i find it much more fun. Start with clubs, end with mecs!! It is far superior then Civ5! But not as good of  graphics. But thats not very important in this game.

6: Star Wars: Battlefront II

Play as Squad 501st in this epic 1st person shooter! Whether its campaign or instant action or multiplayer, its fun and awesome! (Why cant star trek have any games this good?)

5: Zoo Tycoon 1+2

So maybe you don't want to destroy stuff all the time. So play one of these! you're in charge of a zoo! Whether its in the city or desert or even Mars! Challenge to get the best zoo of all time! Or just go looking for fossils (only in 2). 1s guests are less whiney but in 2 you can go down a take care of the animals your self! And both are awesome!

4: Combat Arms

Yet another 1st person shooter that is awesome! (Which ones aren't?) Fight as a mercenary against fellow players or zombies!! A wide selection of guns, great maps! and more!!!!

3: Wolfenstein 2009

Yes i like 1st person shooters. Could you tell? In this one, fight against German SS in WW2 stop more of their experiments and save all of mankind!!! (Again) awesome guns. Really cool boss fights and super weapons! This game is awesome!

2: Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Yes another wolfenstein, and yes this one is older, and better (in my opinion)! With the Venom (a big gun), and of course the best gun  in the game.... the FG42 (paratrooper rifle!) not to mention the flame thrower! Fight Germans, mutants and zombies! This game is just pure AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!

1: Minecraft

It is, without a doubt, that it is impossible, to get a picture that shows everything to do with this great game!! Sandbox doesn't begin to cover the possibilities! Espeastly with mods! adding everything from more dogs to weapons to looks to generated structures to just about anything you can imagine!! All the games above can, or have been made in this game! That pic up there is completely "Vanila"(non modded)!! Just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The Wither is harder then the Dragon) Easter eggs, the poor graphics, just about everything in this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading this!


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  1. Hey, Tom, could you explain the term "vanilla" for those non minors of us?